Updating vDisk on Citrix Provisioning server.

Updating vDisk in Citrix Provisioning (PVS) server (Load Balanced PVS configuration)


  • Microsoft Patches
  • AV DAT
  • Software Updates/Installations


  • vDisk Modes
    • Private
    • Standard (Only copy if in Standard-if there are connections)
  • Copy vDisk (.pvp,.vhd)
  • Right Click vDisk – >Add or Import Existing Disks
    • Click Search
    • Click Add
  • Deselect “Enable Load Balancing”
  • Put disk in private
  • Set load balancing to one PVS server.


  • Assign new vDisk to a VM that we will use to update disk with
  • Boot machine
  • Perform changes
  • Get the server ready for provisioning
    • Run XenApp Server Role Manager
    • Click Edit Configurations
  • 8.2a-EditConfig
  • 8.2a-PrepareServ
  • You can uncheck “remove server from farm”
  • 8.2a-UncheckFarm
  • Finish and SHUT DOWN ONLY.
  • Go back to PVS
  • Change disk to Standard and Cache on Device Hard Drive


  • Enable Load Balancing on Vdisk
  • Drag the new vDisk to Device Collection
  • Click yes on replace screen
  • Reboot the XenApp Farm server to get the new image
  • Copy the update vDisk and .pvp file to the other PVS server.

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